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Microsoft Business Central Implementation: The Story So Far

Smartphone under 10,000

Smartphone under 10,000 is having a huge range of latest mobile phone available in market. Allrounder featured smartphones are highly purchased in this world of multitasking. There are top brands that understand the user requirements and launch such budget friendly smart phone with latest updates, specifications and user defined features. The buyers having wide range of budget have several option to choose. But the buyers with budget around 10,000 also have some good quality options with the latest updates and specifications.
Here are some best mobile phone around 10,000 available in 2020 with its price ranges available online and ensuring the specs score to review the best of all.
Starting with Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S, one the most reached smartphones with price range of Rs. 8,000-9,000 and the specification score reaches 83/100. Next comes Motorola One Action which comes in the range of Rs. 10,000-11,000 with specs score 82/100. Realme 5 is a very good option as it is within the price which is around Rs. 9,000-10,000 and the specs score is 82/100. Infinix S5 Pro is featured model with range of Rs. 10,000-11,000 with specs score 80/100.The budget buyer often choose Honor 20i which comes in range of Rs. 10,000-11,000 having specs score of 83/100. Realme C3 is another best option with low budget range of Rs. 7,000-8,000 and have specification score of 78/100. All the above phones listed are having good processors with good camera and battery. Go get best choices of featured smartphones in your budget. Also check out some new launched phones in 2020 under 10,000 budget.
List of mobiles under Rs.10,000 [2020]
1. Samsung Galaxy M11
2. Realme Narzo 10A
3. Infinix Hot 9
4. Vivo U3
5. Samsung Galaxy A11
6. Redmi 9A
7. Redmi 9
8. Realme 6s
9. Infinix S6
10. Honor Play 9A



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