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Tahir Raj Bhasin Nominations

1. In the Filmfare Awards of 2014, he was assigned for the "Best Supporting Actor" in the film Mardaani.
2. In the Screen Awards of 2014, he won the title of Best Actor In a Negative Role (Male) unexpectedly.
3. He was additionally designated for Most Promising Newcomer
4. In the 2014 Stardust Awards, he was assigned for Superstar of Tomorrow – Male
5. 2014 Star Guild Awards he was for Best Performance in a Negative Role and Most Promising Debut-Male Nominated so far he has just won the Screen Award of 2014.
In an interview!

For Tahir Raj Bhasin, Delhi resembles a mother that spoils and sustains you with all important supplements of life, while Mumbai resembles a severe dad that gets an order and encourages you to get familiar with the estimation of the time. Portions from the meeting

Your most recent delivery Manto discusses the opportunity of articulation. How would you consider the film to be a method for articulation?
The film isn't only an outlet for diversion, yet additionally a source that keeps them mindful about the happenings of the general public. Also, the new stages like Amazon and Netflix permit the crowd to be presented to what in particular's occurring far and wide and above all without the hindrance of control, which abridges a craftsman's opportunity of articulation.

"In Mumbai, you don't settle on decisions. They indent you." How has been Mumbai to you about vocation choices?
Totally! It is so obvious for my situation and I will say by and large. We as a whole result in these present circumstances city with a fantasy to be dispatched under a major standard, yet then fate has its specific manner and this city is the greatest case of the equivalent. For my situation, no one realized that a kid nearby who starts as an opponent gets so much consideration. Additionally, I feel there is no equation to prevail in this city. The extraordinary sorcery mixed with difficult work characterizes your reality in the city.

Tahir Raj Bhasin Talk about your part of Sunder Shyam Chadda, Manto's dear companion in the film. How could you plan for the character?
It was really an unfathomable open door for me. To start with, the character itself had such a great amount of volume in it that I must be a lot of secure with taking up it. Furthermore, I needed to impart the screen to Nawazuddin Siddiqui (sir), who is widely praised for his acting subtleties. The degree of difficult work was serious in light of the fact that it's a period film. For me, it was more about chopping down the current quirk than adding anything to the character. Additionally, the trickiest part was to get the correct word usage of Urdu as a language, alongside the thorough exploration work of Nandita Das.

You have done theater broadly in Delhi, what is the extent of theater in Northern India on the loose? It is the most impressive and pertinent medium to date. It's been 7 years since I am in Mumbai, so it will be uncalled for to remark on its degree in Northern India as of now, however, when all is said in done, I feel subsidizing is as yet an issue. We have to get that if a movie is a chief's medium, the theater is an entertainer's medium.

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